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Our Agency founded since 2010, and we have a team of Agents from every states and nations. All you need is drop your inquiries or click the WhatsApp button in our site .

We will choose the most suitable agents serve you . 

We don’t Hard Sell but Provide you Professional Consultation

When embarking on the journey of acquiring a new property, be it a pristine shop lot, a cutting-edge factory, or any other valuable asset, our consultancy services stand ready to guide you through every dimension. Our aim? To shield you from the prospect of making an ill-fated choice – one that could inadvertently transform a prospective New Asset into an unwelcome New Debt.

Delving deep into every facet, we offer expert guidance that transcends mere perspective. Armed with comprehensive statistical research and investment insights, our mission is to empower you. To instill within you the illumination that leads to astute decisions. To nurture your innate potential into that of a discerning investor – one who navigates the market with acumen and emerges not just as an investor, but as a savvy connoisseur of opportunities. Your journey to property ownership is not just a transaction; it’s a pivotal chapter in your financial narrative. And we are here to ensure that it’s penned with the ink of wisdom, foresight, and prosperity.

We Do Provide Professional service Include Before and  After Sales Services

Whether your pursuit involves seeking an MM2H/PVIP solution or any other facet of property-related advisories, our accomplished property team stands as a paragon of experience. With a dedicated unit specializing in this very domain, we serve as your trusted compass as you contemplate investment or migration to our nation. Our commitment is to envelop you in comprehensive support, crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary.

When it comes to after-sales service, if your aspirations veer towards an EV (Electric Vehicle) infrastructure for your abode or navigating the intricacies of MLTA, our network extends even further. We possess the means to connect you with adept agents well-versed in these domains, poised to provide the guidance you seek. Your investment journey and lifestyle ambitions, underpinned by our expertise, are set to flourish.

We Welcome Any Collaboration  

If you are looking for collaboration to sell your service for property end users you are most welcomed.  As long as we ensure that your service and everything is legitimate.

If you are Property Agent which comes from IQI  , we can help you do at least one or more include : designed landing page , do content , SEO your page and rank it well in search engine and do digital marketing it in social media and search engine. You just drop your inquiries , and we see how we can collaborate .  We will ensure that the lead is yours not other. So you can be your champ here.

If you are non IQI  background , we can collaborate and co-broke , as long as everything is legitimate . Same service as above, we will ensure that the lead is yours not other. As Long as your team accepted our offer and solutions.

Subsale Agent are most welcomed . 

If you are a serious Commercial and Industry property Buyer , Please don't hesitate drop a message by click WhatsApp button below:

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If you are a Muslim Indonesian pribumi (non-Chinese Indonesian) investor, then this is a great platform to research Bumi Friendly Projects, and our agents will assist you.
My wellest trip
My Wellest Trip - Your Preferred Community To Travel And Invest Property Around The World. We welcome you become our partner so we can ensure you get benefit from our community.
If you are a real estate agent which looking for digital marketing and web/tech/automation/video shooting/vr360 solutions . Then We Provide Plt can be a part of solution provider for you.
We Provide Tech
Looking for EV charging solutions, Smart Home devices , Solar panel installation or Office tech software after purchase real estate? Our Partner ,We Provide Tech can be be your home tech consultant!

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